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Introduction: "To thrive in today's marketplace, doing business as usual isn't going to work as a strategy against your competitors. And while most leaders acknowledge this, in one form or another, business as usual continues. Why is that? Why don't more organizations embrace transformation and incorporate ongoing transformation into the culture? Simply put, it doesn't happen until the leader understands transformation, is interested in being transformed and is committed to transforming his/her organization.”

Terri Wallin (Founder, The Wallin Enterprises) in The Huffington Post

“The Transformation Navigator” focuses on addressing this challenge and helps organizations build a highly practical and flexible framework which helps its leaders and managers embrace transformation as a way of life and set an example for others to follow. This premium intervention is designed to encourage participants to awaken the leader within to transform the environment in which they are operating. It takes diverse concepts like using transformational vocabulary, one-on-one coaching, point of power, collaboration, behavioral stimulation and structured disruption to transform participants’ present modus operandi. Using highly advanced behavioral modification tools, video feedback and simulation techniques, this intervention challenges participants to become a transformational leader in their current role, while preparing them for achieving exponential growth in future.

Transformation takes time and requires tenacity. This time spaced intervention constantly supports all the participants through this difficult phase till they experience real results and become confident of driving transformation themselves. It helps in building a culture within the organization where people understand the meaning of transformation and are willing to being transformed as they can clearly see the benefits associated with it. At the end, companies that are innovating, desiring to transform, putting in efforts and are being more rather than just doing more will only come out successful.

Expected Outcomes: “The Transformation Navigator" provides the required tools, strategies, tactics, mindset, knowledge and practice that one needs in order to get on to this transformational journey. It brings self-awareness and delves deep into strengths and areas of improvement thus eventually creating a desire to transform. The participants get to know the Leadership Essentials needed in the corporate world and understand true qualities of a leader. This intervention helps in creating a transformational frame of mind and a structure around participants’ thought process towards it. The coach supports the participants to create their Individual Development Plan focusing on their strengths and works with them in their transformation journey.

As a result of this intervention, participants would:

  • Begin looking at their role in a new light and start creating solutions that enable growth
  • Be able to sift through traditional practices to retain what continues to work and discard those that no
       longer work
  • Understand and appreciate the need for transformation and develop a mind-set of creating sustainable
  • Constantly look at self as a leader who needs to adopt to the changing environment and implement
       growth solutions that cater to the needs of the customer
  • Constantly look at new opportunities to position themselves as a transformation agent
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