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The Sales Exponential

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Introduction: In today’s ever changing world it is essential to align the sales leadership focus to capitalize aggressively the growth opportunity market has in offer. Sales teams needs to prepare for the envisaged growth and introspect their combined strengths and weaknesses to better prepare and be in a position to manage and accomplish superior growth plans.

“The Sales Exponential” has been designed on a premise that great sales professionals know how to sell; and not only that, they are masters of the art. The question then is, how can you improve something that is already being performed at a very high level of expertise? Is it still possible to improve sales figures exponentially? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’! The solution lies deep within our minds. It lies in our capacity to look beyond the horizon; to be able to see something with absolute clarity when others around us are not even able to see it. This requires a paradigm shift. A complete shift in the way we capture and analyze information and the way we use it. We “become more”, not just “do more”. And once we start operating as this new individual with a completely new set of eyes, we start leading differently and achieve exponential success.

This intervention works with the mind-set of sales leaders and helps them innovate and build capacity to look beyond the horizon.

Expected Outcomes: “The Sales Exponential” helps the organization and all the participants realize the journey that exists between the ‘current state’ and the ‘desired future state’ and assess individual/team readiness in terms of capabilities and abilities required to reach the desired state. This intervention provides the tools, strategies, tactics, mindset, knowledge and practice that the organization needs in order to transform its sales force to grow revenue and profits exponentially.

This intervention would help to:

  • Create a high potential sales team that will take on the challenge of business growth and realize it
  • Aspire and create a clear vision of what the desired state should be
  • Create the urgency to perform and get the team to think about exponential growth
  • Identify and fill skill gaps and enable each participant to maximise his/her output
  • Create a system where each participant is accountable to overall deliverables and build an environment
       that nurtures trust, collaboration and team work
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