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Introduction: Times of change present many challenges for organizations and individuals. In this complex challenging time we see only a few of the individuals performing really well. Pressure to perform is high, as are emotions, and everyone is expected to do more with less.

In such a situation we bring in a unique intervention, “The HiPo LAB.” This intervention helps the organization to identify and develop high-potential (HiPo) talented leaders within the organization to drive their competitive strategy, support their values and successfully secure the future of their organization. This intervention has a combined power of coaching and learning. It tries to shape the HiPos and help them to become highly successful corporate leaders

The intervention uses several coaching and learning tools over the period of engagement with the participants. The process starts with one-on-one sessions to understand each participant and his/her development needs. Based on the inputs captured, a person specific development plan is prepared with learning inputs planned at regular intervals. The process also gets supported by monthly coaching sessions to track the progress of each participant.

In the current context, any organization wanting to push the growth rate and build unique competitive advantage can't afford not to implement a formal intervention for internal HiPo development. “The HiPo LAB” is designed to fulfill this need.

Expected Outcomes: “The HiPo LAB” ” helps the organization to realize the journey that exists between the ‘current state’ and the ‘desired future state’ to accelerate the development of leadership talent. It assesses participants readiness in terms of capabilities and abilities required to reach the desired state. This intervention provides the tools, strategies, tactics, mindset, knowledge and practice that the organization needs in developing leadership skills and competencies to get distinguished from the competitors and extend their competitive advantage in the market.

This intervention helps the organization to:

  • Develop a strong base of talent internally and create a solid leadership pipeline
  • Get the best from their HiPo talent pool by developing leadership skills and competencies required to be
       successful in current times
  • Create a person specific development plan which is aided with learning and coaching inputs
       planned at regular intervals
  • See a clear and demonstrable change in the overall performance of HiPos over the intervention
       period and thereafter
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