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Skills For Life

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Introduction: Let’s ask simple questions, Do we LIVE life? Or do we LEARN life? Perhaps we do both!

Living life gives an opportunity to learn through experiences and mistakes. “Skills For Life” is an extensive detailed 5 day intervention, its a great opportunity for organizations to make their employees learn, develop and enhance many of the skills required to become an effective and successful leader in their life. Using the latest innovative techniques of theatrical improvisation games, specifically designed activities and highly innovative mind management techniques; our high-end consultants help the organization to discover and develop inherent abilities among the participants and demonstrate how to use them effectively.

“Skills For Life” is targeted to enhance specific skill-sets which are required in all the roles that one plays in social, personal and corporate lives. It focuses on skills such as problem solving, negotiation, conflict resolution, understanding non-verbal behavior and decision making which are important both in the corporate and the social worlds. As participants progress towards mastering these skills, the understanding of the world around them increases and they start living a more productive and fulfilled life.

Expected Outcomes: This intervention offers clear understanding, required tools, strategies, tactics, knowledge and practice to build and demonstrate “Skills For Life”. It brings self-awareness and delves into the concept of how to effectively use various techniques to lead life successfully.

After the intervention, the participants would:

  • Understand Leadership, qualities of a good Leader and various Styles of Leadership
  • Get clear understanding on Power Communication and non-verbal Body Language
  • Learn the art and science of Problem Solving, Innovation and Creativity, the Power of Silent Persuasion
       and Conflict Mapping
  • Understand the concepts of Group Dynamics and Hypnotic Language and how to utilize them to their
  • Learn the art of Story Telling - a powerful lesson in metaphor, Verbal Repartee and improve other skills
       like Listening skills, Observation skills and few more
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